With goals from Milan Skriniar and Andrea Ranocchia, Inter managed to get three points against Benevento. Luciano Spalletti spoke to Premium Sport to comment on the match:

On the Cataldi-Ranocchia penalty call in the Inter box:
“I saw another view where Andrea touches the ball. It seems to me that it is Cataldi that goes onto the leg, Ranocchia puts his leg there not to be nutmegged and has already put his leg down. I don’t think it’s a penalty “.

How do you judge the lads, before and after the goal?
“We are not calm, we are subjected to having to take responsibility for the show that we offer. It is always the expectations created in our heads which cause us problems. In this moment we are not reacting convincingly highlighting a lack of personality. The second half kickoff with the ball thrown straight out for a throw in shows this, this represents the load these players are carrying. They played with heart, they need to think that this is the team where they have dreamed of playing as a child, the heart is useful when the head is heavy “.

However, the team does not move well together, especially when it comes to pressing:
“I think we did it too well, Benevento played well, they have a coach who makes them play football, but when you recover it you do not have to give it back straight away, because they have quality. With Guilherme they created problems finding spaces in between the lines. In the second half we were more united, better with our dribbling, Skriniar anticipate their midfielders twice and I think the win is well deserved, even if it was hard fought”.

Satisfied with Rafinha?
“Very, I did not think he could do the dirty part of the game as he did, he’s looking for completeness of condition, he’s the one who knows how to move the ball well, he wanted to stay on for five minutes more but he took a lot of hits”.

If we do not ask you about Icardi, will you hug our correspondent like Mourinho did on Wednesday?
“I want to answer these types of questions because you are incorrect on some things. He has a problem with the adductor muscle, he wanted to get back as quickly as possible, he returned to the group early and at the end he had another problem that stopped him. He will be available for the derby for sure. This is a muscular problem, we can show you the movie. .. “.

Icardi embraced and joked with Brozovic in the pre-game:
“But do you call these things ‘news’? We are in bad situation if these kind of ‘fake news’ are important”.