Luciano Spalletti spoke to InterTV after the win against Benevento. Here are his words: “We are Inter and we absolutely have to play as we did after the two goals, it takes a bit of support given the moment, but not compassion otherwise it becomes difficult. They played between the lines, at which point it is better to let them come, go deeper and have a shorter team: second half we did this well, with more speed and choice, creating important occasions even before we scored”.

Compared to the beginning of the season, did the desire to win change?
“No, I always see it, even if in these moments it is harder for who we are and for the tension that comes out. Benevento has quality and we took advantage of some occasions because we have physicality “.

Candreva as an attacking midfielder?
“I liked him a lot: he has the technique and quality to play there, and has a way of running through the middle which becomes difficult for others to cut off “.

Now Milan, Napoli and Sampdoria…
“If you play one at a time, there are chances to do better, it’s these games that will decide if we deserve to be fighting for the 4th spot with the others.”

In these last few games, there were some interesting changes with more solutions…
“It’s easier to make changes when you are winning, because in the negative period it’s more difficult just because you do not know each other. The 4-2-3-1 formation we know it as the inside of our pockets, even if we get things wrong we have total knowledge of it”.