‘Il Divino’ Jonathan: “I Miss Italy & Inter”

‘Il Divino’ Jonathan: “I Miss Italy & Inter”
March 31, 2018 08:30
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Once he was dubbed “The Next Maicon” but today Jonathan plays in Atletico Paranaense and he is doing well as FcInterNews spoke to him in this exclusivel interview:

How is life going in Brazil?

“Here I am happy. I’m un a team that allows me to express myself better as I continue my career. The environment is amazing. All the guys, and the management, are friends. I was able to play well last season. After the injury with Inter, only a few would have bet on me. Instead, I practically went on the field more than all my team-mates, for hours, during the season.”

You have renewed with Atletico Paranaense and you are playing great. What are your short-term goals?

“I hope to continue doing well. The squad has strengthened. So many quality players have arrived. I want to finish my career here. I signed until 2020 for this.”

What memories do you have of your time at Inter?

“I miss Italy and I miss Inter. In addition to the people I met. The Nerazzurri were very important to me. I learned so many things about Italian football, especially at a tactical level. I’m happy with my career. Too bad for the injury that left other European teams doubting my recovery, and that I would not play well again. For this reason I have to thank Atletico Paranaense again, which allowed me to try everything to be competitive at a high level.”

Do you still follow the Nerazzurri?

“Yes, even if I do not quite can’t follow as much as I want because of the timing”.

What do you think of the current Inter?

“Inter started very well. I think they could have done even better. All the players would like to wear the Nerazzurri shirt. I think it’s just a matter of time until Inter to return to winning everything as they’ve done throughout their history.”

One of your interviews has remained in history. When you said: “Inter lose and it’s Jonathan’s fault. It’s raining and it’s Jonathan’s fault.” What started that outburst?

“Other guys were wrong and nobody criticized them harshly like they did me. At that time when we lost and I made some mistakes, so I ended up on the bench. So I came to say that phrase, and it was a mess.”

Did you like being called Il Divino?

“I’m sure this nickname was given to me by someone who wanted to make fun of me. Even today on social media they call me that, for fun. I do not care. It does not hurt me, neither does it any good. It doesn’t change anything.”

Do you have a message to the fans?

“I send them a warm hug and a big greeting. They are fond of me. I thank them and say that they will remain forever in my heart, along with Inter.”

By Mario Gagliano


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