Luciano Spalletti: “We Deserved To Win, Their Goal Should Have Been Disallowed”

Luciano Spalletti: “We Deserved To Win, Their Goal Should Have Been Disallowed”
April 22, 2018 21:00
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After the win against Chievo Verona Inter coach Luciano Spalletti gave his views of what happened on the pitch in an interview with Italian TV station Sky Sport Italia.

The former Roma tactician began by analyzing that: “We hesitated in some situations. But when we managed to control the ball we played well. During the second half we did better in some situations and we had the chance to close the match. Instead we did not put enough pressure on them and gave away the ball too easily sometimes. But a very important victory.”

Spalletti was asked to rate Icardi’s performance replying: “It is only he who can analyse what he does and does not do on the pitch and thereby find where to improve. As he said himself during the interviews, it is the points that count not his goal. During the final stage of the game we had a 5-4-1 formation where he was the link that held the team down. Brozovic played very well, he ran a lot of miles today with clarity and quality. Then I would emphasize the performance of Rafinha who had a great game today helping the team push up while having 2-3 opponents against him.

“In midfield Vecino maybe would have complemented Brozovic better than Valero, who basically does the same thing as the Croat and lacks a bit of physicality. Borja, however did well today. Vecino is still a bit troubled by his inflammation, he has only been available for the last two training sessions, but with this heat outside and these opponents it is hard for him to do better. In the last 5 minutes we game them too much space and should have attacked them harder in order to make things more difficult for them. This meant that we put a difficult game at risk, finally there were talks about our first goal, I would like to say that their first goal was preceded by a clear foul on Vecino” Spalletti concluded.

By Olof Svensson


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