What will the future of Mauro Icardi be? According to Gazzetta dello Sport, the situation has been clear for some time.

“Inter is ready to give Icardi an increase to 6 million per year plus bonuses, with an extension to 2022. Despite Wanda’s pressure, it will be discussed at the beginning of June, with patience”.

However, today, Corriere dello Sport also spoke about the Captain’s future. The Roman newspaper, in comparison to Gazzetta, offers less certainties. “It’s exactly how it happened two Summers ago, Wanda has returned with a thunder to get a renewal for her husband and client, Icardi. This time, Wanda has upped the ante by talking to the press 48 hours after the end of the season, as opposed to working during the transfer window. Her aim is to have it sorted before their family go on holiday. We’ll see how works for her but if one thing is for sure, the Argentine model will not be easy to negotiate with, even for a veteran like Ausilio”. According to CorSport, Real Madrid, PSG, United, Tottenham and Chelsea all have their eyes on Maurito.

Inter were annoyed by Wanda’s use of the media and it could negatively affect the attitudes at the negotiating table in June because Inter wanted to keep everyone calm. The Club did not intend to tussle but the statements from the wife-agent does not give them much choice, the tone of the negotiations has already been set. So, it’s either a renewal or goodbye for Icardi, even with a contract valid until 2021.