Reviews The 2017/18 Season: Who Was The Best Inter Player? Reviews The 2017/18 Season: Who Was The Best Inter Player?
June 12, 2018 09:30
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As Inter’s fantastic season comes to an end, the staff takes a look at the year which has just concluded. Starting today and then once per day for the upcoming days Inter’s season will be analyzed from different perspectives. We begin our Season Review with who the team think was the best overall player.

Cammy Anderson

“Mauro Icardi. His 29 goals this season fired Inter in to the Champions League and without his contribution things would be very different. I must also give a mention to Milan Skriniar who comes a very close second place.”

Claudio Cauteruccio

“Skriniar. Surprised us all with his consistent and brilliant performances.”
Luca Corchia

“Skriniar. The unexpectancy of his impact was a big contribution to this decision. We can now go into most games knowing that if our attack is having a bad day, we have the defence to hold firm.”

Suneet Bajaj

“Milan Skriniar. A lot of young players have come to the Meazza and look like deer in headlights. Skriniar is exactly the opposite. Never let his head drop. Leader.”

Michael Molella

“Icardi: Without him on our squad, I believe we’d be sitting mid table. 29 goals and 1 assist this season but as each year goes by, he continues to grow more and more.”

Luca Prisciandaro

“Milan Skriniar. After 29 goals it was hard to go past Icardi, but we’ve come to expect that from him. The Slovakian added so much to Inter’s defence and build up play, helped get the best out of Miranda and came through with some clutch goals. Just an amazing season from such a young player.”

Andrew Di Franco

“Always is and always will be the one and only Maurito Icardi because he basically scared literally half our goals.”

Olof Svensson

“Mauro Icardi, 29 goals and capocannoniere. A bit quiet sometimes against top 5 teams but has developed a lot and can help out the team during those games.”

Tin Milekic

“Milan Skriniar – Our most consistent player, looks like a giant among children in most of the games. Full credit to Icardi for his 29 goals, a record high for Inter in the last 20-30 or more years, but I’ll give it to Skriniar, he was that impressive.”

Will Beckman

“Milan Skriniar. He played every single minute of every single match this season and the number of those minutes that he played badly can be counted on one hand. two bookings and a 91% pass completion rate across 38 league games? words fail you. if Mauro Icardi is one player without whom Champions League qualification would have been impossible this season, he’s the other.”

Rahul Sharma

“Skriniar. This guy’s just a beast, a consistent beast, best signing of the last 5 years”

Daniele Etefia

“Mauro Icardi. His goals were very vital. And also honorable mentions to Skriniar and the ever improved Brozovic.”

Mario Gagliano

“Skriniar: solid all season every rarely let us down, a leader on the field at all times and showed he should be a captain.”

Mitchell Hayward

“Milan Škriniar. Looking back now, we got an absolute gem for peanuts in today’s market. A player who has the potential to be a true legend at Inter and given the fact he’s only 23, he has loads more room to get even better. He took control of the back four, helping us to keep 17 clean sheets (9 last season) whilst only conceding 30 goals (49 last season) in the league. Along with de Vrij next season, we have arguably the best CB pairing in the Serie A and one of the best in Europe!”

Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
“Mauro Icardi. Despite his lows he scores 29 goals and has now scored more than 100 goals in the Serie A for Inter.”
In total 9 votes were cast for Milan Skriniar and 6 votes for Mauro Icardi, congratulations Milan Skriniar.
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By Mario Gagliano


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