2017/18 Season Review: Best Signing 2017/18 Season Review: Best Signing
June 19, 2018 11:00
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As Inter’s fantastic season comes to an end, the staff takes a look at the year which has just concluded. So far we have looked at who the staff think has been the best player of the season as well as the worst player of the season as we now turn to who the staff think has been Inter’s best signing of the season.

Mario Gagliano

“Milan Skriniar. Our best player all season long, a true leader on the pitch which we are lacking desperately. I also have to give credit to Rafinha, who came in at a point in the season where we were desperate to turn around our poor results. He was brought in and shook things up with his winning mentality he has brought over from Barcelona. Inter should try their best to sign him this summer.”

Cammy Anderson

“Milan Skriniar. What a great signing he turned out to be. He far surpassed any expectations anyone had of him and is deservedly attracting interest from some of world football’s top clubs.”

Luca Corchia

“Rafinha. Our biggest problem for 3/4 months was in offence. His arrival might of saved our season. Skriniar is another but he’s been mentioned above.”

Claudio Cauteruccio

“Milan Skriniar. Good bit of business down relatively cheaply and under the radar without much fuss. Turned out to be an absolute steal.”
Suneet Bajaj

“Milano Skriniar. Masterstroke.”

Michael Molella

“Milan Skriniar. Wasn’t so sure about him at the beginning of the season but blew my mind away all year long. An absolute beast in the back and still somehow has so much room to grow. 11/10 Ausilio.”

Luca Prisciandaro

“Milan Skriniar. All the reasons above, plus the fact that the price was very, very reasonable. He’ll be a building block for the club going forward, and is an obvious choice if/when we need a new captain.”

Andrew Di Franco

“Rafinha, that creative spark in the midfield is exactly what was needed to revitalize our season, can also be argued about Cancelo.”

Olof Svensson

“Rafinha. Brought speed and creativity to the midfield and attack.”

Tin Milekic

“Milan Skriniar – no question. And we’re talking about our best signing for the last 5 years probably. Credit to whomever was behind that decision.”

Will Beckman

“Milan Skriniar. And he wasn’t just Inter’s signing of the summer, he was one of European football’s signings of the summer, on a par with Mo Salah. “People kept telling me that my price tag was too high,” he said in an interview in March. “Maybe they think I was worth the money now…” Having said that, if we’re not limiting this category to players then surely Luciano Spalletti deserves a shout?”

Rahul Sharma

“Milan Skriniar – sportingly speaking best player of the season. Financially, has doubled if not tripled in value.”

Daniele Etefia

“Milan Skriniar. What a leader he has been at that back. Made such an immediate impact since day 1 and until today he has never had a game to forget.”

Mitchell Hayward

“Milan Škriniar. Absolutely no debate here. Our best signing this season without a shadow of doubt and probably our best signing in a number of years. Our POTS and then with the fee we paid, absolute bargain! Milan Škriniar, signing of the season.”

Nima Tavallaey Roodsari

“Milan Skriniar. Has taken not only Italy but the footballing world by storm. Simply phenomenal.”
In total Milan Skriniar won with 12 votes with Rafinha getting 3 votes.
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By Mario Gagliano


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