Reviews The 2017/2018 Season: Who Was Inter’s Worst Signing? Reviews The 2017/2018 Season: Who Was Inter’s Worst Signing?
June 20, 2018 11:00
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As Inter’s fantastic season comes to an end, the staff takes a look at the year which has just concluded. So far we have looked at who the staff think has been the best player of the season, the worst player of the season as well as the best signing of last season. Now turn to who the staff think has been Inter’s worst signing of last season.

Daniele Etefia

“Dalbert. I don’t know how poor he has been in training but for the fact that Spalletti puts more trust in Santon speak volumes. He often look timid when he’s on too.”

Rahul Sharma

“Dalbert. Spalletti clearly thinks he is not ready. Hasn’t shown his attacking prowess, the reason why he was signed. Hopefully gets more of a chance next year.”

Will Beckman

“Dalbert. And not just because of what he didn’t produce on the pitch. Given Inter’s Financial Fair Play problems and their lack of wiggle room in the transfer market it’s even more unforgivable that the club wasted upwards of €20 million on him. We paid for it towards the end of last summer and we could pay for it again this summer. And let’s make another thing clear: Dalbert was not a Piero Ausilio signing. He was a Walter Sabatini signing.”

Claudio Cauteruccio

“Borja Valero. Dissapointed for me in that he wasn’t decisive enough when he played. Some nice touches and always showed commitment but no end product”

Tin Milekic

“Dalbert. Also a no brainer. €20 million for a player that barely ever played, tho never being injured, horrible business. And we were after the guy the whole spring and summer of 2017, he wasn’t like a desperate move out of the blue… Credit to whomever was behind that decision also.”

Olof Svensson

“Dalbert for the only reason that we have not barely seen him this season.”

Andrew Di Franco

“Dalbert. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to show his worth but I personally still have faith.”

Luca Prisciandaro

“Dalbert. I had high hopes when he signed, but the fact that Spalletti was happier to play the likes of Nagatomo, Santon and Cancelo (on his wrong side) ahead of the Brazilian speaks volumes. Showed some glimpses of talent, so I would like to see him get another shot as a back up to Asamoah next season.”

Michael Molella

“Dalbert. A young Brazilian with so much promise and eager to join us. Especially, during the time when we needed a full back. Sad to see him roast on the bench but these things happen for a reason.”

Suneet Bajaj


Luca Corchia

“Dalbert. While I remain hopeful that he’ll get a chance next season, it has to be said for now.”

Cammy Anderson

“Dalbert. He struggled to get in the team at first and then ended up frozen out of the team soon after for almost the entire second half of the season. I for one would not be surprised to see Inter try and cash in on him this summer.”

Mario Gagliano

“Dalbert. Could not take Nagatomo’s job and then D’Ambrosio filled it. Was brought to the team to fill a spot we needed help in and could not cut it.”

Mitchell Hayward

“Dalbert. A shame really. A player who looked great at Nice before he joined but never really got the chance in his first season with us. I guess Spalletti felt that he had to play it safe (using D’Ambrosio) in order to get the results we needed as a club, thus putting the Brazilian’s progress on hold. I hope he gets more playing time if he is still with us next year because I believe he has the potential to be a very good, modern day left back. However, with what we paid and what we got back from him, he has to be the worst signing of the season, unfortunately.”

Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
“Henrique Dalbert. Simply for being deemed not good enough to play in a position where Inter has struggled to find a suitable player for.”
In total it is 14 votes on Dalbert and one vote for Borja Valero.
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By Mario Gagliano


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