Reviews The 2017/2018 Season: Inter’s Best Moment Of The Season Reviews The 2017/2018 Season: Inter’s Best Moment Of The Season
June 21, 2018 12:00
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As Inter’s fantastic season comes to an end, the staff takes a look at the year which has just concluded. So far we have looked at who the staff think has been the best player of the season, the worst player of the season, best signing of last season as well as who was the worst signing of last season. Now turn to who the staff think has been Inter’s best moment of the season.

Cammy Anderson

“My best moment of the season aside from reaching the Champions League was Inter 2-0 Atalanta back in November. The reasoning behind this is it was my first time seeing Inter in the flesh at San Siro.”

Luca Corchia
“D’Ambrosio’s goal against Genoa.”
Suneet Bajaj
“Derby win.”
Michael Molella
“Icardi’s hat trick against Milan.”
Luca Prisciandaro
“Icardi’s winner against Milan in the derby. An amazing performance from our captain overall, and the confidence with which he slotted the penalty was amazing.”
Andrew Di Franco
“Lazio-Inter, a joy I haven’t felt in years when watching our team.”
Olof Svensson
“Icardi’s game winning goal on a penalty against AC Milan.”
Tin Milekic
“Win against Milan 3-2, I was there to witness it.”
Will Beckman
“As tempting as it is to pick Matias Vecino punting the ball straight out of play from the kickoff against Benevento at San Siro, I’ll pick another moment from the same game. Milan Skriniar scoring the opening goal after 65 minutes of agony, in which Inter had been outplayed by Serie A’s bottom team on their own patch, and then turning to the crowd and roaring ‘DAIIIIIIII!’ at the top of his voice. in hindsight, considering Inter’s results before and after that match, that may have been the turning point in our season.”
Rahul Sharma
“First Milano derby of the season.”
Daniele Etefia
“Definitely is the first derby Della madonnina. As fresh as it was Mauro Icardi rise to the occasion and produce a masterclass to stirred the boys to an irreplaceable derby jubilation.”
Mario Gagliano
“I had the chance to see my first Inter match at San Siro, the season opening game against Fiorentina a 2-0 win. I then had an amazing opportunity to attend a second game, against Benevento along fellow friends from Inter Club DC. The club representatives of Inter and DC club, Christian took great care of us and even got my friends and I interviews that featured us on the clubs social media pages. Two games, two wins and memories for life. Overall best moment aside from that, watching Inter’s captain, Ranocchia score the second goal against Benevento to turn our season around.”
Claudio Cauteruccio
“3-2 derby win against Milan.”
Mitchell Hayward
“Vecino’s winner at the Stadio Olimpico vs Roma – No question. This was the best moment this season and one of my best memories in recent times as an Inter fan. Yes, it wasn’t for the league title or in a cup final but for us, it is almost, if not as important as one. We needed to get into the UEFA Champions League for a number of reasons and we done it in the most dramatic of fashions, was simply unbelievable!”
Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
“It is hard to say anything else other than the 3-2 win against AC Milan in the first derby.”
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By Mario Gagliano


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