Spanish Media Believe Modric To Inter Is An Impossible Deal

Spanish Media Believe Modric To Inter Is An Impossible Deal
August 1, 2018 18:20
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The bomb that dropped on the transfer market yesterday was Inter’s dream of signing Luka Modric from Real Madrid.

However, according to those at Marca, who are historically proven to be very close to those in power at Real Madrid, it was reported that neither Florentino Perez nor the Croatian had any interest in breaking up the winning partnership that started in 2012 from Tottenham, which is why the Nerazurri’s dream is considered to be impossible.

Arguably the best player at the World Cup this year, Modric was surrounded by Inter players in the national team but has revealed repeatedly that he wants to retire with the Blancos, and management have agreed to not open any negotiations for a potential sale.

It doesn’t seem like the intervention of any of Inter’s resident Croatians could persuade Modric to make the switch, not least because he probably have to take a big cut in salary. Spalletti will want his squad to be completed sooner rather than later so if this story has a chance of becoming reality, it should happen quickly, when you also consider that Vidal is waiting.

By Luca Corchia


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