Inter & Milan Can Now Progress In San Siro Talks

Inter & Milan Can Now Progress In San Siro Talks
August 10, 2018 06:30
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Since AC Milan’s management has gone through some new changes, there is contact between the Rossoneri leaders and Inter with regards to what will happen with the future of San Siro. Tuttosport reports that there could be an agreement between the two clubs for the usage of San Siro.

“The change of ownership of Milan can lead to a thaw between the two Milan clubs in the dialogue on San Siro. The situation, already complicated for the long Milan transition, had become even more delicate since April 2017 because the Chinese leaders of the Inter have always maintained an attitude of considerable detachment towards Yonghong Li, implicated in unclear events in the Asian country.

“The dialogue within the technical tables with the Municipality was carried forward by the respective directors and managers in charge of the stadium issue. Now the situation is destined to change. Some adjustment in the governance of M-I Stadio will be inevitable following Milan’s managerial changes. Then it will be possible to start again with a different speed in the relationship between the clubs and Palazzo Marino.”




By Mario Gagliano