Ex-Inter Player Massimo Paganin: “Inter Have The Most Difficult Group”

Ex-Inter Player Massimo Paganin: “Inter Have The Most Difficult Group”
August 31, 2018 11:00
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Former Inter Player Massimo Paganin spoke to InterTV and has summarised the challenges that Inter must overcome in the Champions League matches.

“I do not think Spalletti will change tactics in the Champions League, I think the coach has to find the best team to play as quickly as possible. First the results are needed, then self-esteem will come which did not arrive in the first two matches. I think Spalletti is working on the psychological aspects. You have to look at all the matches, but still take them one game at a time. It is fundamental to have a squad with players able to cover a variety of roles to vary from the tactical point of view.

“Inter now have depth to the squad with players coming from important teams, which are able to raise the level of competitiveness and it takes time and patience. In the last years after the signing of the new players, the structure of the management and the team has also changed. The difficulties are there to be overcome.”

Paganin then commented on the draw and Inter’s opponents: “It is the most difficult group. It should be taken in the right way, it is a confrontation and it is a path of growth. Barca seems to me unattainable, but there are some points that must be resolved and I think that Inter can do it only by going on the pitch. We will also get to see where Inter have grown to and the game must be played.

“Tottenham have European experience but Inter have players who have absolute values: Brozovic, Perisic and Vrsaljko have reached the World Cup final and they will bring their experience to Inter. Inter players are able to compete with those of all the other teams. You have to prepare one game at a time.

“It depends on the result of the previous match, but in CL when you play with AC Milan, if you play with Barcelona, ​​you can go top immediately.

“As a player you try to challenge yourself and understand why others win and you cannot wait to play difficult games. Last year Roma was included in the group in which they seemed to be the ‘sacrificial lamb’ but instead they finished first.

“Most importantly though, it is important to approach the games and see what can happen. When you know you are a team expected to compete with the strongest teams there is considerably more. Having got 1 point in two games does not help but they must very quickly gain the awareness that leads you to have composure and self-esteem.

“You must know that every game is an important and determining match and something must be added every day. Every game you need to improve and to become aware. Winning helps you win more because you are happy but not yet satisfied. Inter have the opportunity to get through the group but will have to take it one game at a time.

“Spalletti? For a coach It is important to keep playing at these levels. He is now experienced in this competition and will be able to prove it on the pitch. Icardi is a captain and is making his own personal journey. “

By Fabio Sarlo


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