SPAL’s Manuel Lazzari was interviewed by Sportweek, the weekly magazine of Milano based Gazzetta dello Sport ahead of tomorrow’s match against Inter in the Serie A.

The player revealed that: “I’m a Milan fan, I was crazy about the likes of Cafù and Shevchenko’s goals.”

The winger continued stating that him being a Rossoneri fan is: “One more reason to beat them. It will not be easy, they have signed important players and are aiming high. Inter also reminds me of a beautiful moment: it was my third match in Serie A, it was played at 12.30: I saw San Siro full of fans, and for a few seconds it remained silent.”

Then the fans were impressed by you?

“I played well even with my crosses … They were my worry for a long time: too low or too long, sometimes sent to the stands, I worked a lot and I see improvement, fortunately.”

Last season, SPAL held Juve to 0-0 on which Lazzarri stated: “It was a great match, but only in this way can we think of not losing against Juventus.”