Bergwijn’s Father: “No-One From Inter Has Ever Contacted Me”

Bergwijn’s Father: “No-One From Inter Has Ever Contacted Me”
October 10, 2018 06:30
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Inter linked Steven Bergwijn’s father has denied that he has been contacted by Inter over signing his son

“I haven’t heard any interest in my son, and we’re not trying to leave. If PSV decide to sell him it’ll be at the end of the season, not in the January transfer window. No-one from Inter has ever contacted me, and I want to make it clear that Steven is not pushing to leave PSV. He’s very grateful for what they’ve done for him.

“If they decide to sell him in the near future then of course that’ll be a different story, but in any case Inter should contact PSV first.”

Berwijn sr. then spoke on the idea of his son playing in Serie A but confirmed that for the time being he is focused on the task at hand in Eindhoven.

“Serie A is a nice league with many great teams, not to mention it’s in a beautiful country where the food is delicious.

“Steven loves football, he can adapt to any league, if necessary, but when we move to another country, the social aspect is very important. If we, as a family, could move with him and follow him closely, he could adapt much more easily, regardless of geographic location.

“At the moment he doesn’t have a preferred league to go to, because he’s not thinking about leaving PSV. Other players might call their agents all the time to ask about big clubs being interested, but he doesn’t.”

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson