Bergomi: “Inter Are Not Ready To Be The Anti-Juventus”

Bergomi: “Inter Are Not Ready To Be The Anti-Juventus”
October 11, 2018 14:20
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Inter legend Giuseppe ‘Beppe’ Bergomi has spoken on the upcoming Milan derby in an interview with Tuttosport among other topics.

“The next Derby will be a very intriguing match because Milan are playing attractive Football but Inter are much more physical and have rediscovered their winning mentality after beating Tottenham.”

Bergomi then weighed in on the ongoing debate as to who is better between Mauro Icardi and Gonzalo Higuain.

“Higuain improves the flow of a team but Icardi gives you more depth and is especially deadly in the box. Icardi has performed at his best in big games, especially against Juventus. These games are played by leaders and his movement opens up space for all of his teammates, so he knows what he can do, even if it doesn’t look as attractive as what Higuain can do. Instead, I would ask Mauro to improve his reading of the game. His ability to score is there, but he needs to know when to adapt”.

The Italian was then asked if Interisti should resign themselves to watching Inter win without playing well.

“Yes, because you will realise the strength of the team when you play against them. This is a physical team, which will give you little opportunity, but can also deploy extremely effective patterns of play on the counter. Inter will never play beautiful Football but many teams will suffer at their hand. This is the type of team in which I think someone like Sneijder would thrive in, but if Nainggolan can add 12-13 goals from last season then all your problems are solved.”

He returned to discuss the derby and who he thinks could be an important player for Inter in it and also spoke on a player he believes has to prove them self.

“I would say Asamoah, because he has shown his tremendous personality. However, a word of warning, we should not rely on him to always play well and be an extra coach.

“Keita. He can add quality but he needs to make himself more available. He needs game time, but we cannot afford this at the moment, so for now, he should remain as second choice.”

He concluded the interview by speaking on the idea of Inter being the anti-Juventus.

“Saying this puts unnecessary pressure on Inter, who are not ready. Therefore, Napoli will remain the anti-Juventus and I think Ancelotti is doing a great job”.

Luca Corchia
By Luca Corchia