Inter CEO Alessandro Antonello was present at the Sport Business Summit, organised as part of a Leaders Week panel in Milano where he released a statement to the club’s official homepage.

Antonello stated that: First of all, we all want to get even closer to our fans in China, while we are also growing in terms of our revenues and sponsors. In this sense, we are evolving from a purely sporting model to a media company. To do this, we launched and are constantly developing Inter Media House. This allows us to provide our fans all across the world with consistently new online content.

“Our results from over the past three years are down to our hard work to become a global brand. With Suning, we have a strong presence behind us and they’ve supported us to reach our goals. We’ve grown from a sponsorship point of view and we are very focused on other markets also outside of Italy. As a global club, we are very focused on markets in Asia, China and South America” Antonello continued.

In conclusion Antonello underlined that: “Our main assets are obviously the players. We must maintain them and one of the points of discussion at the ECA will be the international fixtures. The future of football in just a few words: finding a balance between results and profits, auto-sustainability and to increasingly become not only a sporting brand but also a media company.”