Luka Modric Remembers Inter Winger Perisic’s Goal In FIFA World Cup Final

Luka Modric Remembers Inter Winger Perisic’s Goal In FIFA World Cup Final
October 16, 2018 22:30
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During a long interview given to France Football, Luka Modric talks about himself, about his way of playing football, but also about his memories linked to Zlatko Dalic’s national team of Croatia which reached the World Cup Final in Russia.

What’s left from the World Cup?

“It’s hard to imagine that we have reached the final representing our country, the dream for all of us as children, I do not deny that it was very difficult to lose the game in the end, but when we saw all those people waiting for us, we realized that reaching the final was already a great success. It was an immense achievement for a small country like ours, which has only been independent for a short time, facing off against the biggest footballing nations. With the passing of time, the feeling of pride will always remain.”

What are the moments that will remain with you?

“I have a lot of them, and instantly I am reminded of the moment when, as we entered the pitch for our warm-up, we saw all of our fans, then I remember Ivan Perisic’s equalizing goal, but also the moment when I was voted as the best player of the tournament, it is true that I did not look very happy at the time, but we had just lost and I love winning, so it did not feel great at the time, but the individual award is still a beautiful memory. I also remember the fans staying behind in the stadium applauding and singing even when it was raining, Croatia lost, and France scored four goals, there’s nothing more we can say.”

Fabio Sarlo
By Fabio Sarlo