Borja Valero: “Being Part Of Inter Is Beautiful”

Borja Valero: “Being Part Of Inter Is Beautiful”
November 8, 2018 21:30
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Borja Valero was interviewed by the official Inter match programme and shared the side of him that is not well known by speaking on his personal life.

“I like to share things in my private life, beyond footballing topics, I like it but I am not very active on social media,” the Spaniard said.

He then spoke on some of his favourite past times.

“My favourite dishes are paella and carbonara. I cook simple things and sometimes do it with my children, who I like spending time with. I’ve always been a movie guy, but at the moment I like to follow TV series from beginning to the end.”

He then spoke on his beginnings in football.

“When I was young I played as a right winger, then they dropped me back to the defence but I slowly got back in to the midfield. The first goal that I remember scoring is for Real Madrid Castilla away to Sporting Gijon, it was with my left foot.”

He concluded by speaking on Inter and San Siro.

“My Inter move came by chance, I was not expecting it. I’m having fun and I’m learning so many things even if I’m at the end of my career. Being part of Inter is beautiful. San Siro gives you goosebumps, I like it when the announcer gets the fans involved at goals.

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson