Andrés Guglielminpietro, better known simply as just Guly, has recalled losing the Scudetto on the final day of the 2001/02 season while at Inter and discussed what he thinks of the modern day Inter.

“Even today I wonder how we lost that championship. On a personal level it would have been a great success, because I would have managed to win Serie A with the two Milan teams but beyond that they were two beautiful years at Inter. Even in the Nerazzurri, I have many friends, Zanetti above all and when I go to Milan they receive me as if I were one of their own. I add that then, after Lazio-Inter, luckily Inter won a lot. For us it was a great disappointment, but in the following years they achieved the Triplete, a great achievement especially for Moratti, a splendid man, for whom I have deep respect.”

He then discussed modern-day Inter.

“They are on the rise, despite the defeat in Bergamo. They finished last season with excellent results, which brought them to fourth place. Today, after a poor start, some normality has resumed. For me it will be a great year, they have acquired excellent players and the results will come.”

The former midfielder then spoke on compatriot Lautaro Martinez.

“He is very strong. For me the coach is just waiting a bit but he will soon take to the field more regularly.”

Guly then spoke on what the Milanese clubs should be aiming for this season and if he believes Inter are stronger than Milan.

“For the Nerazzurri, getting into the Champions League and for the Rossoneri to get into Europe. Milan will want to try to achieve one of the top four positions, but it will be tough.

“The Nerazzurri have had more time to prepare this season. Everything starts from the past seasons. The Rossoneri changed a lot during the summer. Milan can now count on people who are prepared and who understand football, but unlike Inter they could not prepare over the summer calmly.”