Andy Van Der Meyde: “I Know Inter Will Win Tonight Against PSV”

Andy Van Der Meyde: “I Know Inter Will Win Tonight Against PSV”
December 11, 2018 17:45
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Former Inter player Andy Van Der Meyde gave an interview with Milano based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport ahead of the final match of the Champions League group stage.

The Dutchman began by stating that: “Inter is at the moment a stable club who only has the need of another strong player in attack in order to compete at the highest level in Europe. I hope they will pass to the knock-out stage tonight, because Inter is still my team and I am still an Inter fan.”

“Camp Noù will be a difficult task for Tottenham. It looks like Barcelona is fielding a B-formation while Tottenham will play with the strongest team available, it will be an interesting game. PSV has nothing to lose in tonight’s game and have quality players like Lozano. But there is one thing that I am certain about, when Inter play at home and are forced to win, they win.”

What players do you like in Inter?

“Perisic, the captain Icardi, Nainggolan. They have a lot of fun, you can see that in their smiles and together they make a good team. Spalletti coaches with character and when he watches the games from the sideline. You can tell that there is a good relationship between him and the players.”

For the Inter fans, you remain as a myth.

“It is something strange but also beautiful. They have never forgotten about me, although I did not play very well during my second year. Three years ago, I came back to San Siro, already then without any hair, I wore a hat and was sitting in the stands when someone recognized me. I was called to the Curva Nord by the fans and ended up standing with them, they sang for me and it was really emotional.”

In Milano you had three coaches: Cuper, Zaccheroni and Mancini. Who did you prefer the most?

“None of them. They told me: ‘We have to play with wingers, but you have to defend.’ They played me in midfield, but I was a right winger, an attacker that ended up playing in the back when all my strengths were in the offensive play. It was difficult for me.”

In your autobiography you told everyone about your excesses during your career, do you miss the life of a star?

“I was lucky, because God gave me a talent, but I was and I still am a normal person like everyone else. When I was at Everton I had a difficult time because I had a baby that was sick and had to stay in the hospital for three years. That shifted my focus from the field to her: I was a millionaire that could do anything, but I could not help my daughter. It was horrible and all the millions I had could not help anything against that disease.”

How many regrets do you still have?

“So many, but now I am fine. I always thought that I was right and everybody else was wrong. I was young and stupid and just lowered my head instead of listening to what the coach and the others around me had to say. Also today, I see a lot of players making the same mistakes like I did.”

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson