Over 65.000 Spectators At The San Siro For Inter’s Champions League Clash Against PSV

Over 65.000 Spectators At The San Siro For Inter’s Champions League Clash Against PSV
December 11, 2018 18:15
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Milano based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport urges both Inter and Napoli to accompany Juventus and Roma  who  have already qualified, to reach the final 16 of this year’s edition of the Uefa Champions League.

According to the report: “Inter will have to keep their eyes on the pitch at Giuseppe Meazza instead of worrying about what is happening at the Camp Noú. Inter coach Luciano Spalletti said yesterday that ‘Inter has to be Inter and nothing else’ as a comment to the fact that his team has to make a better result than Pocchettino’s Tottenham in the final round of the Champions League group stage.”

The Gazzetta continues: “If Tottenham should beat Barcelona, Inter is out of the competition. Inter can only defeat PSV, then the team will have to see. An Inter that have only collected one point from the game against Roma, Tottenham and Juventus, have not been at their top, but neither at their worst – somewhere in between is a fair analysis of where the team is at the moment.

“Tonight, Inter will have to play at 100% of their ability to give a strong finish, like the ones against Tottenham and against Barcelona at San Siro. Icardi & co will have to be fully charged from the first minute as if Inter were trailing from behind in the 90th minute, without repeating the performance from Turin” the newspaper continues.

This is according to the Gazzetta “Because if the chase for a goal makes the team too long, the league leaders from the Netherlands have a lot of fast players that will be dangerous in the counter attacks. In this sense, the absence of Vecino, the king of balance, is painful.

“But the crowd at Meazza, by far the best of the season, will give the team the right charge. The 65.000+ fans deserves the final 16, as does the club with its owner, since they have put a lot on the plate in order to secure an important future” the Gazzetta concludes.

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson