The loan to Parma, the signature with Inter and the myth of Sergio Ramos. Alessandro Bastoni, interviewed by Gazzetta di Parma, told many stories about his career.

From the very beginning he stated that: “I used to make the 260 km round trip from Casalmaggiore to Bergamo, in the car with my father, every day to go to training and games for Atalanta’s youth teams. This ritual began when I was seven years old and, if I have arrived in Serie A, it is thanks to the support from my family and the sacrifices my father made to help me cultivate this dream. It was not easy for me either – I left school early, ate a sandwich in the car, and then did not return home until 8 pm.”

And now you play alongside a central defender like Bruno Alves.

“Bruno is a great man. When he took the captains armband, he made a beautiful speech in the locker room which he closed with ‘I arrived here and now it is my wish to help you all have a career that is greater than mine.’ Despite his achievements, he is still humble.”

Which footballers do you admire?

“Sergio Ramos is a player I study. I really like how he moves in the centre of defence – always elegant and with great calm.”

How do you feel at the centre of an important defence?

“I had to reset my mindset because the way of defending is completely different. The technical staff here at Parma have taught me a lot in only a few months. In Bergamo the entire team had a more offensive mentality, but here we wait more and we position ourselves properly for every attack.”

You’re young, are you still studying?

“This year I should graduate from high school. At the moment I can only go to a private school on Mondays and Tuesdays, but it is important that I go. My parents care about it a lot too, and believe that having a high school diploma will be beneficial when I finally stop playing.”

Finally, how did it feel to sign with Inter?

“Certainly, it was one of the best moment of my life. Not only for me, but also my father who has always been a fan of the club. I remember that my agent got in touch with me and made an appointment to meet in person. We he saw me he immediately asked ‘Do you want to go to Inter?’ It didn’t take long for me to answer.”