Facchetti: “I’d Do Everything To Keep Icardi At Inter”

Facchetti: “I’d Do Everything To Keep Icardi At Inter”
January 11, 2019 05:30
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Interviewed by RMC Sport, Gianfelice Facchetti spoke out regarding the much publicised issues surrounding club captain Mauro Icardi renewing his contract with Inter.

Facchetti, the son of Inter legend Giacinto, believes that the recent arrival of Beppe Marotta as chief executive can help the situation. Facchetti believes Inter should do everything in their power to keep Icardi without reopening renewal talks every year. He calls for Marotta to bring growth to the whole club. Inter have to find a way to also get trophies among all the goals Icardi scores.

“His [Marotta’s] arrival can help to resolve this debate always put in the square. I would try to do everything possible to keep Icardi, without this negotiation reopening every year, Inter will still have to meet the demands of the player, but on the other side you have to turn the goals into some trophies. The figure of Marotta must bring a growth of the whole club.”




Mario Gagliano
By Mario Gagliano