Retired former Inter striker, Pablo Osvaldo, who now enjoys his life as a rock star musician after feeling like ‘a fish out of water’ in the world of football looks back at his career in an interview with Fuorigioco.

“No regrets, not one, the ball has given me so much and I’m proud of it, even if I realized that that being a footballer is not a real life, but I played for many top clubs, with great champions, I also wore the Azzurri shirt.”

“And despite the 9 goals in the qualifiers, I did not go to the 2010 World Cup for reasons that maybe not even Prandelli, the coach, could have explained to you, and then we saw that we did not do so well.”

Besides scoring goals, Osvaldo was known for his temper on and off the field, including the time he fought with Inter teammate, Mauro Icardi in a game against Juventus. When asked if he would do it again Osvaldo said: “It is very easy to say no now. If Guarin hadn’t been there to stop me I would have punched Mauro hard. In that moment that’s how I felt. Then Mancini asked to sell me so as to not lose control of the group.”