Inter Ultra’s Funeral To Take Place Tomorrow

Inter Ultra’s Funeral To Take Place Tomorrow
January 24, 2019 13:30
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The funeral of one of Inter’s leading ultra’s is due to take place tomorrow, just a day short of a month after he died following clashes with Napoli ultras, Tuttosport report.

Daniele Belardinelli died in hospital from injuries sustained prior to Inter’s boxing day victory over Napoli with it understood he was knocked down and run over by at least one vehicle belonging to Napoli fans.

The 39-year-old’s funeral is due to take place at 2:30 tomorrow.

The Turin based newspaper goes on to state that an autopsy was performed on his body in recent days and further details – particularly the exact cause of death – will become clearer soon.

Inter and Napoli ultras clashed outside of San Siro before the match that Inter won 1-0 and there are several members from both sides currently in custody – including some of Inter’s other leading ultra’s. Investigations are ongoing to find out the exact details of both Belardinelli’s death and how the fights happened in the first place.




By Cammy Anderson


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