Lautaro Martinez has shared delight for his recent performances and also spoke on the recent chaos at the club involving close friend Mauro Icardi.

“I am very happy with how things are going. I want to continue like this, I will keep on training and giving everything,” he said in an interview with Sky Sport.

“I haven’t thought about setting a goal target or anything like that. I only think about working hard and giving my all.

“Every time I get an opportunity I try to make the most of it and score. This is my main objective.

“Physically I feel really good, I have been finishing games perfectly at a physical level thanks to the work we do during the week. I always train hard to be ready when I get my chance.”

He then spoke on his relationship with Luciano Spalletti

“I get on really well with the manager. I like how he is always encouraging me and I respond by giving everything and ensuring that I am always ready when he calls upon me.

“He is a coach who always talks to you and tries to help you. I am pleased to be working with him”

Next he spoke on how he feels the season has went so far.

“Obviously we always want to do better, we are third in the league but a long way off top spot, having dropped a lot of points during the season. We must try to maintain our third place in the remaining games.”

He concluded by speaking on the Icardi situation.

“Today was his birthday, we all said hello and gave him our best wishes. He was happy to be amongst us. We will continue to support him.

“As I have already said before, everything depends exclusively on his decision and who manages him: It is not our problem, only he can resolve it.

“Obviously I hope to play with him again. He is an important player for us. We will support him.”