Gazzetta dello Sport reiterates that an agreement between Inter and Barcelona for Ivan Rakitic has already been found.

The relationship between Beppe Marotta and Pep Segura has been a big factor in the speed of this deal. This was one of the advantages that was spoken about when Beppe first joined the Nerazzurri and now it is being seen in action.

All that’s left to discuss are the bonuses, then Inter will speak with the Croatian directly, who gave the green light to the deal, assuming his wage demands are satisfied.

He is excited about Inter’s potential and would be happy to finish his career in Milan.

Gazzetta describes the process from here: “If the final okay is given by the Barcelona President, then the next okay must come from Steven Zhang.

“This news breaks a few days after the young Inter President spoke of a much bigger transfer window than the previous two seasons under Suning’s ownership.

“So it’s expected that everything will run smoothly, also thanks to the determination of the player to become an Interista.

“To give you more of an idea of how attractive Inter has become, the Croatian also had interest from Manchester United and Arsenal from the Premier League, as well as Monaco and PSG but Ivan’s desire to go to Milan was greater than any offer those clubs could make.

“The players contract is expected to be worth around 6€.5 million per season. A fair offer considering he is taking a step back from Barcelona, but as an incentive it’s about a €1 million increase on his current contract with the Spanish club.”

Next week further contacts will be made to clarify his contract. With each passing hour there’s greater optimism that this deal will be done.