Wanda Icardi: “Icardi Still Has A Contract With Inter & We Are Happy”

Wanda Icardi: “Icardi Still Has A Contract With Inter & We Are Happy”
February 27, 2019 19:00
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Wanda Nara has discussed many of the current rumours in circulation concerning the future of her husband/client Mauro Icardi and Inter among other things.

“The truth is that Mauro still has two years left on his Inter contract and we are super happy,”¬†she said in an interview with Genta.

“We are evaluating how to continue, and whatever will be decided will certainly be the best for both sides, Inter and Mauro. Milan is like our second home and all of my children are Italian barring one, which is Valentino, who was born in Argentina.

“Being Mauro’s representative is easy, because he is a very important player in Europe and I must speak on his behalf.”

She then discusses the role of being his representative:

“It is a very sexist world and what I do is revolutionary, because even though there are many agents who are relatives of the players they are representing, the role of women in football is more tied with staying at home and taking care of the children.

“That is why it’s a revolutionary thing. I have friends who are wives of players and they laugh at the thought. I started working with representatives that Mauro had, but I studied.

“I know football, I know the fiscal problems, and the contractual situations. I speak three languages and I also understand the laws because I have been preparing for years. Since Mauro is such an important player, I had to meet the presidents of almost all the most famous teams in Europe. The call me, greet me, consult each other.”

She then denied any rumours of her having any secret relationship with Inter midfielder Marcelo Brozovic.

“The stories that come out are coming from people who have a lot of imagination and nothing better to do in life. We are really good and happy. I know him but I’ve never seen him, and my husband is Mauro Icardi.

“It’s very difficult to be a woman in this world, but I have people who respect me. Some people invent things to try destabilise me.”

She also talks about her conflicts with Mauro’s sister, Ivana, and the constant posts on social media:

“I would never speak ill of any relatives, there are things that happen in families, but those things have to be discussed in private.

“I have no problem with anyone, I love my husband and his whole family. Even my father in law is currently with us. I appreciate that Mauro has always put me ahead of everything and is the first to respect me. I will always earn my own money, I am independent, I am not with Mauro for anything other than love. I trust him and he trusts me.”

She finished the interview off by talking about her relationship with her ex-husband Maxi Lopez:

“It is sad that he gives greater priority to his personal ego rather than to his own children. These things are resolved in court.

“It is a judge who will make a decision of what is wrong and what is right. Today, I am responsible for my children’s education, I am their mother. This is why he should thank me for how they are turning out and for how I have educated them.

“He continues to gossip. It is very serious and a mistreatment. He decided to live in another city, I could never live far from my children.”

Mazen Bahnassy
By Mazen Bahnassy

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