Danilo D’Ambrosio spoke to the gathering journalists in the mixed zone at San Siro following Inter’s 1-0 loss to Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League and firstly reflected on the match itself.

“We wanted to score and wanted to do so immediately as we knew we had to score in order to win the match. When you concede a goal like the one we conceded, you must try twice as hard and use twice as much energy and it was not easy for us. We had to try and keep calm and manage the match.”

“We have not been able to qualify down to confusion. The confusion thing makes it look like we lack character but we have some players with a lot of experience both in Europe and in Serie A.

“Knowing we had to try and score two goals led to us making some mistakes and we did not tackle the situation in the right way.

“What if everyone was available? Ifs and buts don’t get you anywhere. Today all 11 of us were ready to take to the field, regardless of the names on the back of the shirt.”

He was then asked about the Milan derby.

“This is just the game we want. It is a game that will allow us to redeem ourselves.

“I am calm, I know what kind of players I have around me in the locker room. As I said before, this evening we did not have the right approach.”