Inter’s Curva Nord: “Icardi’s Return Is Counterproductive”

Inter’s Curva Nord: “Icardi’s Return Is Counterproductive”
April 3, 2019 18:20
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Just hours before Inter’s match away to Genoa Inter’s Curva Nord have released a second statement with regard to Mauro Icardi’s return, following their statement yesterday.

“The Nord’s position stems from frustration over an embarrassing dispute, which was badly managed by the club but where both Icardi and his manager wife only thought about speculating, showing – only out of convenience – attachment to our colours,” it begins.

“Whoever doesn’t have a bag on their head can’t fail to understand that the imposition of the No 9’s return is dictated by the needs of increasing his market value and certainly not a real rapprochement of the dressing room to the player.

“It’s sweet talk to portray a public picture of a reconciliation that, in reality, never happened.

“Of course, for the sake of the league table and the season finale that we all hope for, the presence of the player with the proven and undeniable technical qualities he has can contribute to the immediate objective but certainly at the same time absolutely counterproductive to create the premises of a united environment as it should be in the locker room of a team with real ambitions for future success.

“No one cares about the future of Inter like the Curva does. We have nothing to prove to anyone, much less to Interisti or those sitting in front of PCs and TVs, what have you done for our shirt in your life? WE ARE INTER !!!”

By Cammy Anderson


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