Report Suggests The Curva Nord No Longer Have As Much Power At Inter As Before

Report Suggests The Curva Nord No Longer Have As Much Power At Inter As Before
April 29, 2019 17:00
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Milan based newspaper Avvenire are of the belief that the Curva Nord have lost the power which they once had at Inter following a series of unsavory incidents in recent months.

“The Nerazzurri did not appeal against the disqualification of the sports judge who imposed the closure of the entire stadium for two games and of the Curva for another games. It was a very important decision because it demonstrated the desire of the Nerazzurri club to distance itself from the Curva,” the report begins.

“In the days after, the club launched an anti-racist campaign based which saw them tranform the racist ‘buu’ into the acronym for ‘Brothers Universally UNITED.’  The rest of the fan base contributed significantly but at the first home game at the stadium completely opened after the closure, howls from the Curva rained down at the Senegalese player of Bologna Ibrahima Mbaye.

“This was the umpteenth demonstration of barbarism but this time it was covered by the evident disapproval of the other sectors of the stadium, manifested by loud whistles. A behaviour rewarded by the sports judge who did not sanction Inter because most of the spectators rebelled against racism.

“This was replicated during Inter-Roma. At that point the ultras, irritated by the loss of control over the stadium, insulted the other sectors.

The report concludes: “The Curva Nord is no longer in control of the club and the majority of fans, even if there are still home historic ties. For example, two of the head ultras were at Inter training before the Milan derby.”

By Cammy Anderson


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