First Empoli and then straight into the transfer market, because unfortunately for Mauro Icardi, he will not be part of Argentina’s Copa America squad.

The umpteenth blow in a very dark season for the former captain which “was not meant to go like this. The 2018-19 season was meant to be the year of consecration”, Milano based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport reports.

From his Champions League debut, Mauro seemed poised to make himself known as one of the best strikers in the world and was considered the future of the Seleccion after their World Cup disaster.

For a while the plan was going smoothly, 4 goals in 6 Champions League appearances, although it wasn’t enough to send Inter through. And finally, Scaloni began to consistently select him. But now, from this point, everything flipped on its head.

“Therefore, against Empoli, depending on Luciano Spalletti’s selection, Icardi has the opportunity to give all fans maybe one last thing to cheers about. A decisive goal which would recover Inter’s terrible season and secure their place in Europe again.”