Rome based newspaper Corriere dello Sport compares Luciano Spalletti’s current situation with that of Cersei Lannister from the TV show Game of Thrones.

“Like Cersei Lannister, Luciano Spalletti has locked himself in his castle while staring at the horizon. Perhaps he realises the situation, or perhaps not.”

“His army is in disarray. Surrounding him are the armies of Winterfell, the Dohtraki and Dragons. And within his walls are friends ready to betray him as soon as the battle is done like Auriello Andreazzoli. In this case, the armies outside the walls of Appiano Gentile are lead by Antonio Conte.”

The reason for this comparison is because the main theme of the show, the Iron Throne, has been the cause of death for many characters, similarly to how since Jose Mourinho won the treble in 2010, every new coach has died in it and now we’re at a turning point.

“Spalletti was the first king to return Inter to the Champions League, but has seemed to go backwards this season. Inter are ready for the next step.”

“Spalletti is in command for one more week, before Beppe Marotta introduces the former Chelsea coach. The club has defended Spalletti on many occasions, so it might not be that everyone in his house is plotting against him, but it’s true that in recent months Spalletti has not maintained his usual calmness, displaying traits of craziness like Cersei. Inter are a big club and cannot be in this position. Change is right.”