After the final whistle of the 2-1 victory against Empoli, Inter coach Luciano Spalletti stopped by InterTV to try to shed light on an insane match at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in Milano’s San Siro district.

Spalletti agreed that it was a typical Pazza Inter match and thought Inter deserved to win the match as well as to play in the Champions League

“Yes, that’s true, typical Inter match. It was a difficult game in the sense that we had lost all the advantage and that fourth spot had quite a few teams wanting it. Then it’s decided at the very end of the game, making everything up until the final whistle is blown remain undecided.”

“I think we played a great game, we gave everything we had and as always, committed a couple of errors. But it was a game that we played, where we tried to take the game by the scruff of the neck by keeping the ball on their half. We lacked a bit of brilliance in their penalty area but we played the game.”

“You always make speeches in order to catch anyone that moves. When you find yourself facing the final obstacle and you know you cannot refill your energy levels it’s hard to attack. But the important things is to remind the players of all the great moments that brought them to this final challenge.”

“This is a beautiful place, because there are some strong teams in this league. Both Torino and Lazio are strong teams that fell behind. Napoli on the other hand are currently much better than us when it comes to quality.”

“Then you have Atalanta that has had a great championship and AC Milan that has put a firm hand in the club by appointing Gattuso who has done a great job. To still have clear heads despite all this is a symptom that you have a strong team and that the players are focused.”

“I like these kind of moments, I started from the relegation zone with Empoli in Serie C1. For me it has always been like this, I am in the place where I would like to be.”