With yet another tough evening for those with a heart condition, Inter finally got that Champions League spot thanks to a 2-1 victory over Empoli.

Inter coach Luciano Spalletti stopped by Italian broadcaster Sky Sport Italia to share his thoughts on the match and the season as whole.

“I didn’t expect it to be like this. When you find yourself in the middle of a championship that is already finished, with only a few details missing, then you end up with a game like this.”

“Nothing, we had a good game. The pressure was doubled in this game because we are Inter and we played in front of a stadium that has seen real players and real victories.”

“Everyone expected there would be a connection to all this tonight, but in this game it was all about suffering and leaving your heart out on the pitch, and they did it.”

“But there is something that makes me sorry, since I have many friends and many ties at Empoli. It didn’t matter how this game ended, there would be serious consequences either way.”

“They deserved to stay in the Serie A, absolutely. But Inter fought until the last second. The game was always balanced and then it becomes normal that there small details that finally makes the difference.”

Spalletti then turned to the decision to strip Icardi of his captaincy and give it to Handanovic instead.

“It is clear that when you make tough decisions there will always be someone that is dissatisfied. Then everyone has their own character, the problem, in my opinion, is to take all things and weigh them against each other.”

“When you decide on something, you evaluate everything well, take the decision and as a consequence there must be correct reactions. But if you turn back and put everything back into discussion, then it becomes difficult.”

“Some decisions are taken all together, that’s the way it works in an important organization like Inter. If one begins to delegate it all becomes difficult.”

In conclusion Spalletti made his intentions clear regarding the future, underlining his intentions to stay at the club.

“I don’t know, at Juventus they started to question Allegri after the exit against Ajax. Agnelli said at the press conference the day after that Allegri is not to be touched, then he changed everything.”

“For me there is something to be learned from that kind of behavior. But I’m in a role that is perfect and where I want to be and I behave as I think you should, so I am calm.”