After having led his Inter to qualify for the Champions League for the second consecutive year, coach Luciano Spalletti arrived a tired but happy man to the official post match press conference, FcInterNews report.

“Are you asking me if something like this ever happened to me? I can tell you a bit of my history. I started out with Empoli, I managed to remain in the Serie A int the last game of the season after Roccati saved a penalty if I remember everything correctly.”

“The following years I fought in the relegation zone with Ancona after losing 10 games in a row. The cup-finals against Inter when I was at Roma. I always feel at home in these kinds of situations, it was the same with Roma. I would like to always be there, in situation that brings you pressure.”

“What is the problem? There is always a solution, you see if you are cut out for it or not. We have to play the games with our heads clear, then of course everything gets complicated because you have lost all the advantage that you had.”

“Empoli is a true team, they deserved to remain in the Serie A. If you win, you win in this way, there are very strong players in the history of this club that have overcome difficulties in this stadium. If you miss a ball, your calves becomes like stone.”

“Dalbert, I have always said this. He is a young player, it all depends on which context he plays in and tonight it was difficult. It takes strong people to withstand certain pressure. The team was exceptional and managed to achieve that important goal that was asked of them. Then of course they could have secured that Champions League spot earlier, that’s true.”

Now what will happen?

“Now the club will speak and I, like yourself, will listen. According to me, not many things will change. Three months of articles and then nothing is true. No, guys. So you can guess what they will say and come up with something, anyway I would like to stay at Inter.”

Could something have been done differently?

“I think you’re better off not looking back when you make decisions. That’s because three problems arise, we meet again and not everyone is at the press conference and they take some things from the 3 1/2 years I shave spent with Inter and Roma. When I arrived at Roma, the team was 6 points behind Inter, at the end of the championship Roma was 25 points in front.”