Young striker Andrea Pinamonti spoke with Gazzetta dello Sport, on the day of Italy’s next challenge against Japan in the U20 World Cup.

The Inter owned striker began by speaking about the competition so far as they aim to finish top of the group, stating: “With Scamacca we feel good. We have collected all six points so far. We have played many matches in the past together and know that we can we help each other, because we are a strong group. This causes problems for our opponents.”

What stage are you aiming to get too?

“We respect everyone but we are aware of our strength and want to aim as high as possible.”

After a year of 27 appearances in Serie A do you feel better?

“Yes, I have learned that I not only have to score goals but also help the team.”

They have compared you to a thousand different strikers, do you know? Dzeko, Belotti and Icardi for example.

“I don’t see myself in anyone. I have much to learn. When I am complete, ask me again and I will be able to give you a comparison,”

What do you think is missing to be complete?

“I have to improve my ability in the air. It has never been my best weapon and I know I can do more. Then also my left foot, which is my weak foot but after a season in Serie A I already feel improvement.”

You have been a fan of Inter since your childhood: are you happy to see them in the Champions League again?

“Very happy! Unfortunately, I didn’t see the game against Empoli but I know they deserve it.”

As a striker, you have studied Icardi, right?

“Mauro has been one of my biggest fortunes in life. Many said that I lost a season sitting on the bench because of him, but I will always say that that is not true because I switched to training with champions, him being one of them. He taught me so many things, gave me so many tips.”

And now, do you think there is a chance for you and Mauro to play together at Inter?

“I do not know. It would be nice but it is difficult to say. I can only say that I would be absolutely delighted to return to Inter. I would also be reunited with my friend Skriniar. Someone who I am not marked by but he also taught me some tricks.”