If some Inter fans turn their nose at Conte’s Juventus past, then on the other hand, those fans should be happy to hear about the return of Inter legend Gabriele Oriali.

Milano based newspaper, Gazzetta dello Sport confirm that Oriali’s return to the club will be made official soon. He was chosen by Beppe Marotta to act as a link between the team and management.

“At the moment, he’s still acting as the team manager for the Italian national team with Roberto Mancini. Soon Italy will play Greece and Bosnia in the European qualifiers, in Athens and then Turin on the 8th and 11th of June. But rest assured, he will be home in time for the Nerazzurri’s retreat at Lugano on July 8th.”

“This will be his third time at Inter, following his previous experiences as a player and Director until 2010. Zhang had already tried once to bring him back, but now the time is right.”

“With 5 years of Italian national team experience, he has always been close to Inter. Now he’ll work with Conte, but there is no bitterness for their club past, especially after they worked with each other for Italy.”

“When Tavecchio asked him about becoming team manager under Conte, Lele said: “The funny thing is that I have only spoken with Conte while on TV, as a columnist at the end of a game. I asked him a few questions: but I am sure as midfielders we will both understand each other very easily.”

“Then Tavecchio was asked about Italy’s going to the quarter finals of the European Cup under Conte: “Antonio is not just a motivator, he is a teacher of football and helps players improve. Now he will do that at Inter, with Lele at his side.”