Politics & Sentimentalism Could Delay Inter & AC Milan’s San Siro Plans

Politics & Sentimentalism Could Delay Inter & AC Milan’s San Siro Plans
July 12, 2019 13:45
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Inter and Milan’s plans to build a new San Siro could be delayed by political posturing and excessive nostalgia, Gazzetta dello Sport warned today.

The clubs submitted a 750-page document to the Municipality of Milan on Wednesday, outlining their intention to create a 60,000-seater stadium adjacent to the existing ground.

Their Technical and Economic Feasibility Study also explains their desire to form a new multifunctional district around San Siro before 2023, though, with a total cost rising to €1.2 billion.

“Residents in the San Siro area will find everything there, from new footpaths to high-profile stores and five-star hotels,” Gazzetta reported this morning.

“Leaving aside the optimistic timescale the clubs have decided on, how do we reconcile all of this with the 2026 Winter Olympics? Giuseppe Sala again dismissed the idea yesterday that San Siro could be demolished before the opening ceremony.

“Then there’s a sentimental issue, which is already producing an unhelpful sense of nostalgia. And then there’s all the political maneouvring that would have to take place, which has its own mechanisms and its own times.”

Inter and Milan have taken the first official step towards building their new stadium but the road remains extremely long.

By Will Beckman


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