According to the latest reports from Tuttosport, Inter are set to collect a minimum sum of 36.7 million euros thanks to their participation in this season’s UEFA Champions League group stage.

The Turin-based newspaper took an in-depth look at how the finances of each of the four participating clubs from Serie A (Juventus, Napoli, Atalanta and Inter) will be bolstered by UEFA prize money.

The 36.7 million euros will be comprised of market pools (5.9 million), fixed share (15.3 million) and historical rankings (15.5 million). Indeed, the club’s coffers will inevitably be filled even further by additional revenue made based on results, box office receipts as well as various other bonuses linked to sponsorship deals and such like.

From these numbers, it is clear to see why regaining entry to Europe’s premier club competition was an immediate priority for Suning after they set out the objective of turning Inter into a sustainable business upon their purchase of the club back in the summer of 2016.