Wanda Nara: “Mauro Icardi Decided To Stay At Inter At Start Of Summer”

Wanda Nara: “Mauro Icardi Decided To Stay At Inter At Start Of Summer”
August 26, 2019 13:30
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Mauro Icardi decided to stay at Inter at the start of this summer and he hasn’t changed his mind since, his wife and agent Wanda Nara revealed last night.

Wanda was making her first appearance of the season on Mediaset’s weekly program ‘Tiki Taka’, having caused endless controversy last year with her comments on TV.

She said Icardi was confident his time at Inter wasn’t over and had always been clear about his desire to stay at the club.

Asked about an offer from Napoli, Wanda said: “We have a lot of friends in Naples, but there are other things to consider when you make certain decisions.

“Someone who’s already scored 124 goals by the age of 26 would be useful for every team, but Mauro has rejected every offer that hasn’t come from Inter.

“I think he’d reject moves to Juventus and Napoli because he wants to stay put, 100%. He has received offers that no player would turn down but Mauro has said no for Inter.

“Nobody has had direct contact with Icardi about a transfer. A few people have with me, but it’s his decision and you can’t impose anything upon him.”

Wanda then described Antonio Conte as ‘one of the best coaches in the world’, before making a cryptic comment – which she later appeared to back away from – about Icardi’s discussions with Inter’s hierarchy.

“Conte can choose if he wants Icardi or not, but Mauro has been off the transfer market since the start of the summer,” Wanda added.

“Perhaps Mauro spoke with someone at the club who told him to stay, maybe the people that make the decisions…

“There have been a lot of incorrect things said about us. I’ve heard that Icardi already had an agreement with Juventus and that I’ve been to Naples, both of which are completely false. I’ve not been to Naples for seven years.

“When I got Icardi to stay at Inter I was considered the best manager in the world. Now he still wants to stay I’m the worst.”

Asked again about the prospect of her husband joining the Partenopei, Wanda concluded: “I like the city of Naples a lot and I’d be happy to live there, but the decision is still Mauro’s.

“He’s making a life decision here. It’s him who either plays or doesn’t play, although this isn’t down to him because there’s always a coach who will have this choice.”

By Will Beckman


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