Inter coach Antonio Conte was very pleased with the 4-0 win in the Nerazzurri’s opening match of the 2019/2020 Serie A season when speaking with Italian broadcaster DAZN.

“We started off well with a great attitude and a lot of intensity, just like we had planned. Then during the final stage of the first half, we were a bit disorganized. Something that I wasn’t happy with and I told the team that during halftime.”

“Lecce is a good team but we were also good otherwise it’s easy to take a fall. Something that none of us wanted today considering all the enthusiasm that surrounds the team. There are still a number of things to improve, but we are talking about minor things, and don’t forget that we have only worked together for a short period of time. I repeat. I like to work with these guys, because they take a lot of responsibility.”

“Lukaku entered the Inter world in the best possible way, with great humility. He is a great giant. But I have to be happy also with Lautaro and the other guys. Everyone has to be praised. Now we celebrate until midnight and then we turn our heads towards Cagliari. Then we have the international break.”

“Today we played a 3-5-2, but this is an evolution from the 4-2-4. We even attack more with the current formation compared to my old 4-2-4. I think I have players that fit in well with this formation.”

“I have found solid defenders, midfielders that can assist the attack all of which leads to goal coming from the midfield. But as always, with every system you have to work hard with the players until they are fed up with repeating it.”

“Sensi and Brozovic are multipurpose players who are great at dribbling. Something that could lead to problems in a two-man midfield but works perfect with three midfielders. Also Vecino was good, although he struggled with a muscular issue. The same goes for Barella and Gagliardini. There is always the possibility to change without distorting the original idea.”

“Like I said during yesterday’s press conference, I am not here for empathy. This is who I am, I go all-in when I enter a relationship. Even in the past there has always been a great feeling in the work environment and it will always be like that.”