Newly appointed Inter coach Antonio Conte stopped by Inter TV to share his thoughts on the 4-0 demolition job of Lecce in his debut as the coach of the Nerazzurri.

“There were a lot of emotions. When you start a new journey together with a new club, it’s always like this. You know you have to work in order to conquer things.”

“But for me, nothing has changed. I am like this, good to whoever is with me and evil to the ones against me. I go all-in in every relationship and now I am 300% with Inter, and here to achieve something important.”

“There are things to improve and ways to lead the game during the different phases. After 30 minutes and during the beginning of the second half we were a bit disorganized. Then we came back to the right track, it’s important to remember that there are two phases.”

“A team always finds a situation when you are off track and have to run. There are also some things to improve from a mental level, we have to be aware that there are small, but important, things to improve. This is something positive.”

“I am happy for our fans, we have experienced a lot of enthusiasm surrounding the team. I saw the players exiting the pitch with extremely wet jerseys. This is the mentality we have to have, we have to create a unique environment that is familiar.”

“The players really gave everything they had today. I know that there is some work to be done on a tactical level and we have to improve if we want to be among the top teams.”