Lucio: “If I Could Turn Back Time I Wouldn’t Have Joined Juventus, I Didn’t Want To Leave Inter”

Lucio: “If I Could Turn Back Time I Wouldn’t Have Joined Juventus, I Didn’t Want To Leave Inter”
October 1, 2019 21:30
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Former Inter defender Lucio has shared his regret at his decision to leave the Nerazzurri and join their arch-rivals Juventus.

“Unfortunately I was not taken into consideration as much as I thought I deserved to be. I joind Juventus after being part of a great success story at Inter and I was hoping for something similar with Juventus but it obviously went wrong,” he explained in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport.

“If I could turn back time, I would have went somewhere else. I would have chosen a club where I would have played more. At the time I left, I had only one wish, which was to not leave Inter but unfortunately at that moment everything changed and I was almost obliged to leave.”

He then spoke on whether he is surprised to see Antonio Conte, who was in charge whilst he was at Juventus, now in charge of Inter.

In football, the page turns, coaches and players change and it’s never surprising: for me it is normal for a Juventus icon to end up at Inter and vice versa. I haven’t seen much of Conte’s new team but I know what he is like as a coach from my short time with him.”

He then praised former Inter manager Jose Mourinho.

“Mourinho was the best coach that I ever had in my career. That Inter side was a united, strong team, capable of overcoming anything with thanks to him being the manager.”

He concluded by speaking on tomorrow’s match against Barcelona and if there are any similarities to the last time he faced them for Inter.

“It was a very different match for us as we were in the semi-final whilst this match is in the group stage. Barcelona are the favourites and they were too when we faced them but we overcame them.”

By Cammy Anderson


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