Former Inter Primavera and interim first team manager Stefano Vecchi has spoken on the fact Sebastiano Esposito looks set to be given a chance in the first team in the coming weeks.

“It is good that he is being given an opportunity but we must wait and see if he will actually get on the pitch. In pre-season friendlies he has shown what he can do,” he explained in an interview with Radio Sportiva.

“He has always been considered a flagship of Inter’s youth sector. The stage is all his, congratulations to him. He will have to be make the most of this opportunity to establish himself as Donnarumma and Cutrone for example did at Milan.”

He concluded by touching upon the gap between Inter and Juventus: “There is still some distance but in the last few years steps have certainly been taken to reduce it.

“With Conte’s appointment, a further step was taken, not only in terms of the staff being improved but also from a mentality point of view. Inter will be a team that will try to fight Juve until the end.”