DIGOS Head Ciccimarra Explains How They Arrested Napoli Fan In Connection With Death Of Inter Ultra

DIGOS Head Ciccimarra Explains How They Arrested Napoli Fan In Connection With Death Of Inter Ultra
October 18, 2019 20:30
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Claudio Ciccimarra, the head of the DIGOS department of the Milanese police force, has revealed how they managed to arrest Napoli fan Fabio Manduca in connection with the death of Inter ultra Daniele Bernardelli.

Bernardelli died as the result of injuries sustained by being run over by a car as part of violent clashes between Inter and Napoli ultras before the match between the two sides on December 26 last year.

“We arrived at the arrest after a complex investigation, we reconstructed that evening in great detail, reviewed the CCTV pictures and the testimonies of the fans involved in the incidents and those who witnessed the clashes, plus the expert opinions were fundamental,” he told Gazzetta.it.

“We were able to give a timeline to everything that happened in Via Novara. There are no images of the impact itself, but everything is reconstructed with fragments of what the various cameras have seen.

“In the end we excluded all the cars of the Neapolitan fans except the Kadjar and an Audi A3: then, thanks to the expert opinions, we arrived at the identification of Manduca.

“In these past months the investigators have spoken with all the Napoli fans involved in the incidents and also the four who were with Manduca in the car. No one has admitted having run over Belardinelli.

“They say they did not understand what was happening on the evening of Santo Stefano and that they went directly to the stadium after the blitz of the Nerazzurri rivals: in reality, after the incident, they stopped, checked the state of the car and then leaft, as shown by the videos.”

He concluded by admitting that Inter fans who were involved have been everything but helpful in their investigations.

“None of the Inter fans have made life easy for us to reconstruct what has happened. There has been absolute silence from them.”

By Cammy Anderson


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