Former Juventus goalkeeper Dino Zoff discussed Inter and the coach Antonio Conte in an interview in today’s paper edition of the Rome based newspaper Corriere dello Sport.

The Italian World Cup winner first touched on the changing role of goalkeepers in recent years.

“Today you must be good with your feet. So they say…”

However, Zoff didn’t agree that a goalkeeper should be judged entirely on how good he is with the ball.

“In my opinion, a good goalkeeper must first of all save. That’s what we need, isn’t it? Many are good with their feet, but not as good with their hands. It’s true that with the lines of defence getting higher and higher you have to be ready to leave the penalty area and play the ball calmly. But when I hear ‘see how good that guy is with his feet?’ I disagree. That’s not how you judge a goalkeeper.”

Although, the 77-year-old Italian didn’t think that the role was being distorted but did think that greater care must be paid to how a goalkeeper uses his hands.

“No, but they should work more on their hands, that are the raw material of the profession.”

Zoff refused to entertain the idea that Juventus are unbeatable, although did admit that they were the favourites.

“It’s the beginning, it takes time to understand. If we look at the squad, and not just the starting eleven, Juve are by far the favourites. Conte’s Inter are doing well, I don’t know if it will be enough.”

He was confident that Juventus could win the Champions League this season.

“Many steps forward have been made recently. I think they have a good chance this season. The competition between the top teams has been reduced: the Spanish have problems, the Germans also. Maybe the English or PSG remain, but Juve is on the same level as them.”

Finally, Zoff gave his thoughts on who will finish in the top four this season.

“Inter and Napoli seem further ahead, at least second and third. For the others it will be a good fight. Lazio seem to me to be more ready. They have a lot of potential and they’re expressing it. It’s going to be fun.”