After Inter coach Antonio Conte received a threatening letter a few days ago, the Milanese police have been keeping a close eye on him and have even been using radio-controlled surveillance to ensure his safety, according to a report from Italian broadcaster SportMediaset yesterday.

The report details how following the arrival of the letter to Inter’s headquarters, an investigation was opened by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, who are hoping to catch and punish the individual behind these threats. A bullet was also included with the letter.

Due to the threat, Conte has been given a little more attention by the Milanese police, the report continues. They are monitoring his home to ensure the family’s safety and have included him on a list of people to be followed carefully in order to guarantee their safety.

A similar situation with Inter owned striker Mauro Icardi, after he was subjected to threatening banners under his house in Milan, before his move to French side Paris Saint Germain.