Former Inter forward Aldo Serena discussed the attacking duo of Lautaro Martinez and Romelu Lukaku in an interview in today’s paper edition of the Turin based newspaper Tuttosport.

“I expected, given the qualities of the two, that there would be goals, but not such a deep understanding because it’s not easy to find one in such a short time. There must be empathy to find such harmony, on and off the pitch. The example, in my opinion, was given by the most experienced of the two, Lukaku has a unique generosity, works every way for the team, is not envious or selfish. He’s engaging, not just physically.”

Serena touched on what he likes individually about both players.

“In Lukaku, the progression, impossible to slow down, the defenders bounce off him. He is a tank. I look at him with admiration. Lautaro is a model student. His movements on the field are the exact things Conte requires. The Argentine is a young champion who wants to learn and who builds his future day by day.”

The 59-year-old Italian then spoke about the growth of the 22-year-old Argentine striker compared to last season.

“That’s Conte’s hand. The coach needs players to follow him, to give everything, to devote themselves to his words and he rewards them with a type of game that is perfect for them. Martinez, as well as Lukaku, are players who give themselves 100% to the team. And I tell you, it’s not easy because today the players are multinationals, they have a lot of money around them and often it’s easy to think more about themselves. The two forwards of Inter seem to put before themselves all the sacrifices and interests of the team.”

The former Nerazzurri striker then spoke about Inter’s former main striker, Mauro Icardi.

“Icardi remains an extraordinary finalist, he is one who makes little mistakes in the penalty area, much less than Lukaku, for example. So, he can fit into a certain context. Not in this Inter, at least as far as what has been shown on the field so far and requested by Conte is concerned, that is, players who are connected to teamwork and to the group. In my opinion, Icardi would not have had room in this Inter for all the history he had with the Nerazzurri, who cares about the group, who thinks about that goal, does not make things happen that have happened in the last year. He speaks, or makes people speak, and acts differently.”

He then imagined a world where Edin Dzeko arrived at Inter this summer instead of Lukaku, and how that would have affected Lautaro Martinez.

“He would have played less. With greater competition he would have gotten nervous by staying on the bench and on the pitch, he would not have had the peace of mind in the plays he has now, as evidenced by the shots on the fly or first goal scored in Prague.”

Serena then spoke of comparisons by Inter fans between Lautaro-Lukaku and Serena-Diaz.

“In my opinion, it’s a partnership that can be used for the idea of playing for each other, of being generous and rejoicing for the goals of the team-mate. Technically, however, we are very different, they divide the spaces, while I was in the area and Ramon varied behind me.”

Finally, Serena spoke about which players Lautaro and Lukaku remind him of.

“For Lukaku, I hear about Adriano, but the Brazilian was a soloist. Physically they look alike, but I say Vieri. Bobo scored, but he also worked a lot for the team. With Lautaro, the most obvious comparison is with Aguero. Both are not very tall, but strong and good at protecting the ball. Aguero is perhaps quicker in the first few metres, more technical and good at finishing, Lautaro is lethal in the conclusion and in the vision of the goal.”