Udinese Midfielder Rodrigo De Paul: “I’m Flattered That Inter Are Interested In Me”

Udinese Midfielder Rodrigo De Paul: “I’m Flattered That Inter Are Interested In Me”
November 30, 2019 15:40
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Udinese star Rodrigo De Paul discussed the market interest in him as well as his season so far in an interview in today’s paper edition of the Milano based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I’m flattered to see that I’m being approached by a club like Inter. I try not to listen to the rumours. But it means I’m doing well.”

He discussed how he is only thinking about Udinese and nothing else.

“My head is in Udine. In fact, Lazio is our next opponent with whom we want to collect points. Against Samp, last Sunday in Genoa, we had perhaps the best first half of the season, just as against Parma we suffered an undeserved defeat. Those two games scream out for revenge. I’m focused on Lazio. I’ve always given everything for Udinese, and I’ll continue to do so.”

De Paul then touched on his slightly under par performances recently.

“I’ll explain. During the six-goal period, with Velazquez, I was playing in a more forward position, with the winger playing high on the left in a 4-3-3 and still close to the strikers. So, I was shooting even more. Now I’m a mezzala and that’s my favourite role. I’ve always said that for me statistics and figures don’t matter, but an assist makes me happy. I don’t think the fans are unhappy with me, they know I’m doing my best.”

He then spoke about how his goals had previously helped him earn caps with the Argentinian national team.

“Yes, they helped. I play in a midfield two with Paredes who is very strong, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw him again in Serie A. He doesn’t play much at PSG. I adapt to everything. I run a lot there, but the best thing is that if I get a ball back then I give it to Messi, and he’ll take care of it. I’ve never seen a player like that before. And he’s a nice person, he has fun with us in a particular Argentine card game.”

The Udinese midfielder then highlighted the impressive Argentinian national team.

“That’s right, we are very strong up front. Dybala is the one who solves the games, Juve did well to keep him, he’s been in Italy for seven years now. Lautaro had his first year at Inter. But now you’re seeing what he can do. I knew he was so strong. He’s from Racing school, like me and Musso. The national team is a great group, so we have our holidays together. Musso is my travelling companion. He’s very strong, he could be a starter someday. They are gruelling, but joyful trips. And I recover the sleeps that I don’t have with my daughter.”

He revealed then he has never met or spoken to Antonio Conte.

“Never met.”

Finally, De Paul spoke a little more about the Nerazzurri coach.

“He’s a winner, with both Juventus and Chelsea. Lautaro tells me that he gives them a lot of energy and works well.”

By Apollo Heyes


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